Lesson 9 - Worship

Who God is and how we respond to him


The goal of this lesson is to encourage your group to join the millions of people and all creation, which are giving glory and honor back to our great God.


This lesson on worship is no different from others in the fact that worship needs to be modeled by you, the leader. Take some time and think through a creative way to lead your group through what might be their first worship experience. There is more about this in the “skills” section below. Looking through the Psalms ahead of time would probably be a good idea.

You may also want to think through your own experience with using your spirit. Think about how you will lead your group in discovering how to connect with their spirit in worship.

Also, consider how you can speak to each person about the issue mentioned below in the “habits” section.


Two of the questions in this section are great for those who don’t know anything about worship. Two other questions are more for those who might have some experience with it. So, if your group can’t answer the last two questions, don’t worry. Just skip them. The study section will introduce the subject starting from the basics.


Luke 1:46-55 – This is a special group of verses spoken by the mother of Jesus herself, even as the baby Jesus grew in her womb. They can sometimes be used to elevate Mary as someone more important than a normal human, but notice how much importance that Mary places on worshiping God and knowing the character of God.


Key Questions to Answer:
All of these study points are super. Numbers 2 and 4 are of critical importance. John 4:23 speaks about worshiping God in spirit and in truth. This spirit is our human spirit, not the Holy Spirit. We are not used to doing much with our spirits normally. So, this idea of using our spirit is very foreign, but God worshipers must learn about worshiping in their spirit because God is spirit.

It’s been said, the fuel for worship is the truth about God. The furnace of worship is our spirit. The fire of worship is the Holy Spirit and the heat or result of worship is reverence, fear, adoration, contrition, trust, joy, gratitude, hope and much more.

A good discussion about worshiping with your spirit could include questions like:
How do you use your spirit?
Do we use our spirits to do anything else in life?
What does it feel like to use your spirit in worship?

Question #4 is more about the truth in worship. Mary was pouring out truths about who God is and what he had done. We need to be dedicated to remembering, collecting and speaking truths about God to him.


There are spaces here in this “skills” section to write truths about God. Let this be an exercise for your group: make a list of truths about God that could serve as fuel for worship. Then, the group could spend some time speaking them back to God. If you need help with ideas, read the first two or three verses of every Psalm. David was a master at speaking words of worship.


Both videos show girls speaking about worship. Ginta from Latvia is walking to a worship concert through the rain and emphasizes the experiential side of worship. Katka from Slovenia emphasizes the heart of worship as she speaks about her life as a singer and worship leader. Again, watch both videos beforehand and think of some key questions that could help the group remember this lesson.

Summary Verse

Romans 12:1, “Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God—this is your spiritual act of worship.”


Through the Week Study
Probably the most relevant application of this verse (Romans 12:1) is the question from the seventh day’s reading, “What are the things that you do with your body that would not be worship in God’s eyes?” This could be too personal to admit in a group setting, but a vital question for every believer to consider. Answers could range from eating disorders to binge drinking, to drugs, to smoking, to sexual sins. It might be a question that you could ask each group member in a private setting.

Ginta | Latvia

Ginta just came back to Riga from France where she studied this last year.


Katka | Slovenia

Katka is 23 and lives in Ljubljana with her husband David. Her passion is to sing!