Lesson 8 - Loving Service

Serving the needy with mercy and compassion…


The goal of this lesson is to move the focus of your group members from themselves to others in need.


This lesson will need some prayer and some preparation on your part as the leader mainly because it needs to involve some practical service as a result. Such projects need to be organized and coordinated.
Read through the lesson and ask God to bring to your mind ideas for service projects that could be done by your group. There are also some ideas in the “skills summary” section that might be helpful.

Also be sure to look at the background information about Jews and Samaritans in the “study” section. If you have time, you can also find more background information using these key words in an internet search.

It could also be helpful to identify who would be comparable groups (to Jews and Samaritans) in your country and culture today.


These questions will help to measure your group’s vision for the needy as well as their heart toward them.


Luke 10:25-37 – This is a shocking story of love and kindness. Be sure to take time to study it.


Key Questions to Answer:
Take special note of the second question. Religious people are all around us. This could make a great discussion to define what your group sees as simply religious behavior vs. loving behavior. Likewise, what do your group members do that seems to be simply religious?


For question #3, ask your group what “cries” they have heard over the past two weeks.

In the skills summary section, you could introduce the idea of your group taking some personal action to meet someone’s need. You can present any ideas that God has given to you.


There is only one video for this section, but it is a very powerful one. DU from Romania takes a journey from her apartment to help a poor family in her town. During the journey she says some very important things about how to love and serve the disadvantaged and poor. This should encourage all of us to take steps to do the same. Make sure that everyone notices that she gives away the backpack she is carrying with supplies on the journey to the young boy.

Summary Verse

Matthew 25:40, “The King will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.’”


Through the Week Study: Here are very personal questions that correspond to the daily readings and they require action, especially the questions from day 5 and 6. Be prepared to follow-up on these questions the next week and help your group members make their obedience practical.

DU | Romania

DU is 26 and lives in Arad, Romania. She wants to become an actress someday.