Lesson 6 - Holy Spirit

Temptation and Sin – understanding temptation, sin and forgiveness


The goal of this lesson is to introduce the new believer to the person of the Holy Spirit without scaring them to death!


Realize that for a new Christian, this idea about a spirits may be really strange and even a little scary. It is truly strange to the human mind, so just admit it. But then begin to share with them how the Holy Spirit is not strange and scary TO YOU, but in fact very important, personal and helpful to you.

Think of some stories about how the Holy Spirit has been a part of your life. How he has led you, spoken to you through the Bible or otherwise, convicted you of some sin, comforted you, helped you to change something in your life. These personal stories will be important in introducing the Holy Spirit to your group. Avoid being general and unspecific. Tell real stories with real details.


These questions will reveal how much they know about the Holy Spirit. Don’t be surprised if they don’t know anything. Consider it a very great honor to introduce them to a new friend that lives in them, is already at work in them and loves them desperately!


John 14:16-19, 25-27 – There is much controversy surrounding the person of the Holy Spirit. But these verses make it clear that the Holy Spirit is promised to each believer. He moves in the moment we express our faith in Jesus Christ. No other requirements are necessary.


Key Questions to Answer:
All these themes are important, but be sure not to skip over #3. God wants to have relational interaction with us about his truth and our lives, not just a lot of old traditions and rules and rituals.


These are 5 personal and yet powerful questions to ask your group. Make sure there is enough time to think them through. These answers will give you some amazing insight into what is going on in their worlds, and how God is already at work in their lives.


There is only one video for this week but it is a really powerful one. Eliza talks about the need to rely on God (and the Holy Spirit) in the midst of difficulty. A particularly powerful part of the video is when she wraps things up at the end when she is sitting by the lake. Remember to prepare some questions for your group and for their reaction to her story.

Summary Verse

John 14:26, “But the Counselor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.”


Through the Week Study: The question from day #4 is a great follow-up question for this section. Also, remember to encourage you group to spend time on their daily readings and also to write down their answers daily.

Eliza | Poland

Eliza likes gradening, shopping for groceries, riding her bike and the local lake!