Leader’s Guide

Leader’s Guide for Small Group Leaders

Welcome to the Elements Leader’s Guide. There is nothing that helps spiritual growth more than being properly “rooted in Christ”. “Elements” is a unique, new, ten-week study that takes a new believer straight to the source, and helps a mature believer renew the patterns that keep them fresh and growing. This tool is global in perspective, since students will hear testimonies of young people from across the world. It is interactive, Biblical, and designed so that students can lead their friends. We are excited that you are using this tool and are convinced that it will be a tremendous help in the life of the new Christian you are helping.
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Lesson Summary

There are 10 lessons in “Elements” and they are intended to be studied in the order listed on the DVD. Below is a list of the lessons along with a description and the passage to be studied:

Theme Title Description Passage
Lesson 1 In Christ – New Life A deeper understanding of your relationship with God John 3:1-21
Lesson 2 In Christ – New Person Who you are– now that you are “In Christ” John 14:1-21
Lesson 3 Prayer Conversation between you and God Matt 6:5-13
Lesson 4 God’s Word Reading and understanding the Bible John 1:45-46
John 8:4-15
Lesson 5 Community Meeting together and serving one another in the church body Acts 2:42-47
Lesson 6 Holy Spirit A closer look at the Holy Spirit and what he does in our lives John 14:16-19, 25-27
Lesson 7 Obedience A closer look at temptation, sin, repentance and forgiveness… John 8:1-12
Lesson 8 Loving Service Serving the needy with mercy and compassion… Luke 10:25-37
Lesson 9 Worship Who God is and how we respond to him? Luke 1:46-55
Lesson 10 Evangelism How to talk to others about your new life in Christ Matt 9:9-38
Matt 28:18-20

Notes and Tips

As you begin to think about your role as a group leader, here are a few ideas for you to consider:

Read through – Start each lesson preparation with a simple read through of the whole lesson for that week. This will give you a basic overview of where we are going together.

Self Examination – Ask yourself the honest question, “Where am I in relation to this topic?” Be honest with yourself about your own position. For example, in the lesson on “God’s Word”, if you don’t read your Bible regularly, be prepared to admit that to your group and make changes in your life along with the group. Don’t be afraid to lead the group from a learner’s position as well.

Personal Stories – First of all, you need to watch the two video stories on the DVD. These are important to motivate and encourage. As you study through the lesson, remember that your personal journey stories are also important. Tell the group about your successes and failures that relate to the topic for the week. This will make the subject come alive for your group.

Prayer – Spend some time in purposeful prayer for your preparation and for each member of your group. With God’s power, these lessons can produce life change that can last a lifetime, but Satan will not stand idly by without opposition.

Remember to review – Before each lesson (except the first one, of course) remember to prepare for reviewing the previous week’s lesson. This can include the memory verse, assignments that were given from the “skills” section and applications from the daily Bible readings in the “habits” section.

Do the weekly Bible readings – We would suggest that you also do the daily Bible readings along with your group. This will keep you tracking mentally with them on the daily topic as they are challenged by different ideas.

Creative plans – If you don’t take time to plan creatively, your lesson will quite likely be boring. Always be asking yourself questions like these as you plan: Are there different meaningful places we could go to make this lesson more alive and real? Are there different, influential people who could help me teach this subject? Are there different ways to transfer this information, or interesting experiences that could enhance this truth, or more interesting support material that would bring this truth to life?

Tools to motivate -You might consider buying each person a folder to keep each week’s lesson in and also a journal to record what God teaches them and how they are changing through the weeks of the Elements series.