Leader’s Guide

Leader’s Guide for Small Group Leaders

Lesson 1 - New Life in Christ

What does my New Life in Christ Look Like?

Lesson 2 - New Person in Christ

Who you are – now that you are “In Christ”

Lesson 3 - Prayer

Conversation between you and God

Lesson 4 - God’s Word

How to understand and read the Bible

Lesson 5 - Community

Meeting together and serving one another in the church body

Lesson 6 - Holy Spirit

Temptation and Sin – understanding temptation, sin and forgiveness

Lesson 7 - Obedience

A closer look at temptation, sin, repentance and forgiveness

Lesson 8 - Loving Service

Serving the needy with mercy and compassion…

Lesson 9 - Worship

Who God is and how we respond to him

Lesson 10 - Evangelism

How to talk to others about your new life in Christ