From Arad, Roamnia DU writes…

Posted by Niall McSheffrey | February 18, 2008

My brother, Darius, is a senior at the Christian high school in Arad and most of his classmates are Christian, but a few aren’t. Since freshman year he’s been good friends with this boy – Curki, a non-believer and quite a rebel. This summer Curki came to know Christ personally and Darius started to meet with him regularly to do a Bible study together. This fall he told Curki about Elements and they started to study it together, but as they were doing it, other classmates saw it, and now they meet once a week before classes, in the morning and everyone in the class who wants to do it can participate. But it’s really cool to hear Curki and Darius talking about it, and the stuff they are learning, and it’s refreshing for their classmates as they have been going to church for years and years, but don’t know the basic things about Christian life.
Thanks for working on this project and be sure it is impacting many lives!