Elements in Serbia

Posted by Niall McSheffrey | November 1, 2007

Here is what Steve Brown is saying about Elements in Serbia:

We (as the team of youth leaders from our church) started using Elements. We made 5 small groups (out of our youth group), and we have one youth leader per group. After a time of worship, watching an Elements video and teaching time together (on the same subject as the lesson of the week), we split into small groups and talk about all the questions from the lesson. It’s going great! Young people are opening and sharing their hearts, and we have a chance to teach them more!

Also, we’ll be promoting this as much as we can at our annual youth leaders conference in December (this is why we purchased 100 of them). We’ll also be promoting this as a very practical and usable tool to pastors and youth leaders (and other ministries, such as to Campus Crusade who’s working in Serbia) as we’re able and have time with them.