Ziga started a relationship with Jesus yesterday when he showed up at an Elements group

Posted by Niall McSheffrey | October 25, 2007

Sebastian relates the following story from his blog: “Wednesday night Ziga came to our door just as we were starting our Elements Bible Study group. We invited him in and he was happy to stay for that. We were studying about new life in Christ and he stopped us and asked what that meant and how he can have a new life. We took time to explain to him the whole gospel. He listened carefully and said he wanted Jesus to come to his life. We than told him how he can do it. Today he was here again all excited with a big smile on his face saying: ‘I did it! I prayed to God and asked him if he would come into my life and give me new life.’ He was trilled to share that with us. Sebastian showed him from the Bible what that means for him and talked to him about how he can grow deeper in his relationship with Jesus and how we are glad to be a part of that. Ziga already shared this with him mum and he wants to tell his dad as well and his sisters. Rejoice with us for him and continue to pray for his family.”