A Ukrainian Update

Posted by Mike Sullivan | March 30, 2009

Here in Lviv, Ukraine, We have two elements groups in our church. The first is for both guys & girls and the other is only for girls. Both non-Christians and Christians study together in our elements groups. During our elements groups two girls trusted Christ and started a good relationship with Him. At the conclusion of the elements groups we took a test to see what everyone had learned. One of the girls who recently became a Christian wrote this- “I had heard about God in my childhood & was interested in this, But then I become a typical young girl who didn’t want to live by any rules. I now understand more about God and I want to know more. He has changed me & I can see that in my relationship with my friends & parents!

New Life Church
Lviv, Ukraine

How to play DivX elements videos

Posted by Tomas Mikletic | February 20, 2009

This is an article about How to play DivX elements videos with subtitles on VLC. If you ever run into not knowing how to do it, this one can help you. Just watch the video.

For better picture quality, please download this version of the same video
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Videos now available on the website in all languages!

Posted by Niall McSheffrey | July 8, 2008

Hello everyone – just wanted to let you know that for each lesson the videos are now available online subtitled in all your favorite E. European languages. So instead of playing with that clumsy DVD just hook up to the lessons section under resources and either download or watch the video stories online. We are working to bring you all of the DVD content (ie. the lessons and leaders guide in your language) to this website by the fall.

Slovenia’s Summary of the Fall with Elements

Posted by Niall McSheffrey | February 18, 2008

I think that we are in the neighborhood of 12-14 groups that used it this fall. We have had around 3 people come to know Christ as a result of those groups. (almost all of our new Christians for the fall) and one group is using it to kick of their first meetings/bible studies for a new church plant. Basically it is starting their church plant!

From Arad, Roamnia DU writes…

Posted by Niall McSheffrey | February 18, 2008

My brother, Darius, is a senior at the Christian high school in Arad and most of his classmates are Christian, but a few aren’t. Since freshman year he’s been good friends with this boy – Curki, a non-believer and quite a rebel. This summer Curki came to know Christ personally and Darius started to meet with him regularly to do a Bible study together. This fall he told Curki about Elements and they started to study it together, but as they were doing it, other classmates saw it, and now they meet once a week before classes, in the morning and everyone in the class who wants to do it can participate. But it’s really cool to hear Curki and Darius talking about it, and the stuff they are learning, and it’s refreshing for their classmates as they have been going to church for years and years, but don’t know the basic things about Christian life.
Thanks for working on this project and be sure it is impacting many lives!

From Daniel Eifling in Wroclaw, Poland

Posted by Niall McSheffrey | November 19, 2007

I’m sitting here with the youth leader in our church here in Wroclaw, Poland planning our Elements small group and he wanted to tell you something. His name is Adam Majchrowski and he says his English is weak so he asked me to translate.

“I don’t know you, but I want to warmly send a hug to you and greet you. Thank you for your wonderful work on Elements, which we see in the Elements materials. Elements is really good and encouraging. I see how it has a spiritual nature to it. They are really helpful to us in our group. Also, the testimonies and movies on the dvds are a very good idea, especially the idea to have both a girl and boy testimony for each theme, because we have separate small groups for our boys and girls. We are grateful that we can use this tool. May God bless you and further grow you for your happiness and God’s glory.”

More from Christina’s Group in Slovenia

Posted by Niall McSheffrey | November 2, 2007

I am doing an Elements group for three non-Christian but very spiritually hungry girls. At our first group I gave one of the girls a Bible, her first Bible! After our time together she sent me an sms, “Hi I just read your message in the Bible…Thanks and just that you know I’m also honored to know you,you who woke up religion in me and who will lead me to Jesus. Thanks a lot…” What an honor to know this girl and speak Jesus’ life to her!!

Elements in Serbia

Posted by Niall McSheffrey | November 1, 2007

Here is what Steve Brown is saying about Elements in Serbia:

We (as the team of youth leaders from our church) started using Elements. We made 5 small groups (out of our youth group), and we have one youth leader per group. After a time of worship, watching an Elements video and teaching time together (on the same subject as the lesson of the week), we split into small groups and talk about all the questions from the lesson. It’s going great! Young people are opening and sharing their hearts, and we have a chance to teach them more!

Also, we’ll be promoting this as much as we can at our annual youth leaders conference in December (this is why we purchased 100 of them). We’ll also be promoting this as a very practical and usable tool to pastors and youth leaders (and other ministries, such as to Campus Crusade who’s working in Serbia) as we’re able and have time with them.

Here is why Romania Ordered 125 DVD’s!

Posted by Niall McSheffrey | November 1, 2007

Here is the latest news form Romania about Elemenst – We are working with very many churches around the country so it is very hard to manage the whole project. So, what we decided to do was advertise it and, as we travel around the country, ask people how they have used it. I advertised it at the Young women in Ministry Conference we had last month, and 2 weeks ago at the BIG National Conference, and I just returned from a city where I talked w/ the leaders of the church about Elements. We ordered 125 copies. I know of some groups and churches around the country that have started to use it, we have a list of people that will start using it as soon as they get the DVD.

Elements in Poland

Posted by Niall McSheffrey | November 1, 2007

This is from Krista in Poland:
“We have an outreach meeting once a month in our city where 3 churches work together to put on an event where we can invite our friends. There is so little bible study material in Poland that it is hard for youth groups to have direction. This year we are using Elements for each of those 3 churches and invite people that came to English camp and people that come to the outreach meeting. So far one group has started and the other 2 will start soon.
Here is what iZuzia (a 16 year old girl who is helping with Elements) says about it, “3 weeks ago we started our Elements group. We didn’t know what it would look like and how many people would be in our group. At our first leaders meeting i saw that people were really open to working together. The first Elements meeting went really well and people talked openly and shared their experiences. I think the atmosphere in our group is great and evidenced by the fact that people want to talk and are able to quickly fit in…The bible study is practical and are topics that relate to our lives.”