Why do we need Elements?

Putting your faith in Christ is like entering a whole new reality. Because trusting Christ makes a person spiritually alive, there is an entire new world to explore. You have the opportunity to get to know God personally, to experience his work in your life, and to learn truth that will transform you from the inside out.

At the same time it can be overwhelming. Just like with anything new, it is easy to get lost and confused, or run into many things you don’t understand. That is why it is important to not try to grow all on your own. You need others to help you learn and a place to turn when you get stuck or have unanswered questions.

Elements is a tool to assist you on this journey. The 10 weeks of material contained in this study will help you get off to a good start in your relationship with God, and is designed for university and high school students. It can be used in small group meetings, one on one meetings and individual study. Since it focuses on the foundational “elements” of a relationship with Jesus, you will learn the basics of what it means to have new life in Jesus Christ.