The Elements

Lesson Title Description Passage
1 New Life in Christ A deeper understanding of your relationship with God John 3:1-21
2 New Person in Christ Who we are now that we are “In Christ” John 14:1-21
3 Prayer How to talk and listen to God Matt 6:5-13
4 God’s Word How to read and understand the Bible John 1:45-46
John 8:4-15
5 Community Meeting and serving together with other Christians Acts 2:42-47
6 Holy Spirit A closer look at the Holy Spirit and what he does in our lives John 14:16-19,
7 Obedience A closer look at temptation, sin, repentance and forgiveness. John 8:1-12
8 Loving Service Serving the needy with mercy and compassion Luke 10:25-37
9 Worship Who is God and how do we respond to him Luke 1:46-55
10 Evangelism How to talk to others about your new life in Christ Matt 9:9-38
Matt 28:18-20