Everyone needs to know the basics. The Elements study focuses on the basic elements of our faith by being engaging, relevant and presented in a way that captures a person’s emotions and heart and not just their head.

The Elements project has took over 1 year to complete and involved 100’s of hours of work from people inside and outside of Josiah Venture. The Element’s DVD and website itself contains 18 videos from 9 different countries as well as 10 lessons translated into the 11 languages where JV currently works plus English. Elements lessons are in Czech, Polish, Slovak, Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian, Romanian, Latvian, Estonian, Ukrainian and Russian. There are over 500 pages of documents on this DVD/website – over 8 gigabytes of video and lessons! In short it has been a long year with a lot of people going above and beyond to make it happen.
Video shooting in Czech republic