Filming throughout the central and eastern Europe gives a realistic view of how young people who trusted Christ live out the elements of Christian faith in their lives. Here they are:

AndrejAndrej | Slovakia
just finished college, started working and likes to talk to God about his wife.
DUDU | Romania
DU is 26 and lives in Arad, Romania. She wants to become an actress someday.
DuškiDuški | Slovakia
Duški is a decent sound engineer with a great relationship with his father.
ElizaEliza | Poland
Eliza likes gradening, shopping for groceries, riding her bike and the local lake!
FilipFilip | Croatia
Filip is from Cakovec, studies business and plays in a Ska band called October Light.
GintaGinta | Latvia
Ginta just came back to Riga from France where she studied this last year.
JitkaJitka | Czech Republic
Jitka lives in Český Těšín and works for KAM helping with summer English camps.
KarolinaKarolina | Poland
studies English and German. In her town of Zory, she disciples junior high girls.
KatkaKatka | Slovenia
Katka is 23 and lives in Ljubljana with her husband David. Her passion is to sing!
KrzysiekKrzysiek | Poland
Krzysiek studied Political science and would never trade a friend for a car. Nice!
LauraLaura | Romania
Laura is 23 and she graduated college this summer. She really, really loves music.
LukaszLukasz | Poland
Lukasz is 26, lives in Zory with his wife in a little apartment on the 9th floor.
MišoMišo | Slovenia
Miso is 21 years old and lives in Ljubljana. His favorite movie is Nacho Libre.
SladjaSladja | Serbia
Sladja is from Novy Sad and works as a computer programmer.
TabitaTabita | Croatia
Tabs, originally from Zagreb, studies in Arizona and is in high school ministry.
TomášTomáš | Czech Republic
Tomáš is from Český Těšín, but goes to school and filmed his interview in Slovakia.
ValVal | Ukraine
Flying rockets is her passion besides helping with the youth group in her Church.
VladoVlado | Slovakia
Gave all of his money towards a trip to Tibet where he ate worms and slept outside.